I have so much to say here. First he can still pay on his student loans and not default, they have income based repayment plans. Having gone to college myself, and I studied creative writing, I am now working only part time at just a bit above minimum wage. While I should be dishing out around 700.00 a month – just to get them paid back in 15 years, I barely make that in a month. So, now I only pay 50.00 with the program (and yes at that rate they will never be paid off, and yes the amount due does actually increase each month) But hey, I’m not worrying about where the money will come from so I’m happy.
The real problem here is that kids are not taught what a burden that student loan debt will be. I never learned the concept of saving money when I was growing up. we were poor and lived paycheck to paycheck. I worked as a teenager, but I bought my own necessities and a lot of food for myself to help easy the burn off my parents. Middle class families still bought those things for their kids. On top of that they showed them how to divide up their paychecks into saving, bills and spending. I learned that, but it was never possible because bills pretty much took up all the paycheck. That is what being poor is like
We need programs that start kids saving up for their educational futures from the moment they enter highschool – possibly even middle school, a college education no longer means being able to find good work. It’s bad enough we let kids graduate without being able to read and write, but when we haven’t even taught them the basics of how to get along as an adult then we have really failed.